The Art of TaniDaReal

Timelapse Videos

A video is even better to follow the progress of a picture, so I am planning to upload more timelapse and tutorial videos in the future. You can look up my videos here:

Tutorials - digital art


"Kopi Luwak - work in progress"

From sketch to the final picture. Here are some work in progress screenshots and descriptions how I did my "Kopi Luwak" picture in Photoshop, featuring a civet in the sunny jungle.

Photoshop knowledge would be required for this tutorial.

Program used: Photoshop CS6
Tool: Wacom Cintiq tablet


"Custom Brushes in Photoshop Tutorial"

How to create custom brushes in Photoshop.

Program used: Photoshop CS4


"Using Masks in Photoshop Tutorial"

How to use masks in Photoshop (a little more detailed than the brief explanation in the "Basic Coloring in Photoshop").

Program used: Photoshop CS3 / CS4
(but it will also work for former versions)


"Scanning and Image Editing Tutorial"

A tutorial about scanning a traditional colored picture and how to prepare your scanned art in Photoshop, like adjusting levels, the different color modes, etc.

Program used: Photoshop CS3
Scanner used: Canon CanoScan 4400F


"Coloring Outlines in Photoshop"

how to color outlines in Photoshop.

As there are different kind of outlines (e.g. flat on a background or seperate on a transparent background), I am showing three different methods how to color them.

Used: Photoshop CS3
(but it will also work for former versions)


"Basic Coloring in Photoshop"

This is a simple basic coloring tutorial (using vector masks) to start somewhere. More tutorials about the shading, outlines, etc. to come.

Used: Photoshop CS3
(but it will also work for former versions)

Tutorials - real media


"Real Media Coloring"

An example how to color a picture (without background) with markers and colored pencils.

For this picture I used following materials:
  • Bristol paper
  • Copic Multiliners (black fineliners for the outlines)
  • Copic Sketch Markers [link]
  • Polychromos (colored pencils by Faber Castell)
  • White ink pen (for highlights)

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