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In 2004 I started making my first t-shirt designs. I am trying to come up with at least one new shirt design each year. Below you can see the designs I made so far. I also did over 15 shirt designs for conventions (not all listed here).

Usually I have one new design each year that I will print (silk-screen) on shirts and have them available at conventions and on Afterwards, along with other new designs, I will make the designs available on print on demand websites like RedBubble or SpreadShirt, where you can order my designs not only on shirts in any color / size that you like, but any kind of clothing, accessories and merchandise.

RedBubble is a creative community and marketplace for artists offering their artwork/designs on clothing and other products like pillows, mugs, cases, etc. Printing and shipping will be handled by RedBubble (not the artists). (my shop)
My designs on SpreadShirt (market place)

Spreadshirt is a creative platform for custom clothing and many other products. Printing and shipping will be handled by SpreadShirt (not the artists). This is the US website. (my shop)
My designs on SpreadShirt (market place)

Printing and shipping will be handled by SpreadShirt (not the artists). Simply order my artwork on any clothing (color or size) or products like mugs, hats, bags, etc. This is the German website / for European customers.

T-Shirt designs

Here is an overiew of the shirt designs I did over the years, like the doublesided* “STUCK” animal shirts (to see the back side, just hover the cursor over the image). Several designs are available in different colors (e.g. a black, blue or grey husky). I only show one for the design here, you can select the different colors in the print shops.

All shirt designs are © me.
It is not allowed to upload my art and offer them as your own designs.

Yin & Yang YOGA Foxes Aviators (Eurofurence 24)

AWOOO Baby Lazy AWOOO Unstuck Husky

STUCK Foxes * STUCK Wolf * STUCK Snow Leopard *

STUCK Husky * STUCK Fox * STUCK Dragon

STUCK Otter STUCK Tiger Back to the 80s (EF22)

MONDAY make it stop Tigers Muddy Paws

HOT COOL Beer'o'clock

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