The Art of TaniDaReal


Most of my (colored) pictures are available as prints, either as regular sized DIN A4 prints, or as larger jumbo prints. You can look up my artwork in my galleries on FurAffinity Gallery and DeviantART Gallery.

My prints are available at the BlackPaw Shop. If you're looking for a picture that is not listed there, feel free to send me an email or on Telegram and ask.

  • Size: DIN A4 / 21cm x 29,7cm (~ 8.2 x 11.6 inches)
  • Full color prints (laser print)
  • Hand signed on request

JUMBO Prints

Due to the format some pictures are available as larger sized prints (Jumbo prints).

Further Jumbo prints, posters and canvas prints (limited and numbered) will be available
at Art Shows at conventions exclusively.

  • Larger than regular DIN A4 prints (for size see description next to the pictures)
  • Full color high quality prints (laser prints)
  • Hand signed on request
  • Will be shipped in poster tube

Wolves travel in packs. Horses travel in herds. Foxes travel in congalines.

Size: 28 x 60cm (~ 11 x 23.5 ")

"Why there are no spiders in Alaska"

Obviously not all huskies are spider-proof...

Size: 28 x 60cm (~ 11 x 23.5 ")

"So long ago"

Memories and love never end, even if it's already so long ago.

Size: 28 x 60cm (~ 11 x 23.5 ")

"Serenade of Love" (part 1)

The story of seven foxes courting their lady - unfortunately there is only one. ;)

Size: 28 x 60cm (~ 11 x 23.5 ")

"End of a Serenade" (part 2)

Sequel of the first pictures - The end of a foxy serenade.

Size: 28 x 60cm (~ 11 x 23.5 ")

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