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My hand-made Mood Badges are a set of 5 laminated badges (digital/prints), held together by two rings and a chain/necklace. That way you can simply flip the badges to whatever mood while wearing it. I created them in 2008.

What different Mood Badges are there?


Default Sets coming in various species/colors, always available (online
and at conventions)

Using Standard outlines
as basis, but custom coloring, custom texts, character changes

Custom single pages,
free choice of mood and character (new drawn)


Pimp your Set - and extend it with additional pages: Add-Ons!

Add-On pages are available separatly. You can get them for each Standard Set (same designs), or for your Recolored Set.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where can I get them?
  You can buy them at conventions at my table or you can order them online (both Standard and Recolored Sets):

Q: I have a unicorn / donkey / pegasus character? Can you make those?
  Sure! As long as I can use one of the Standard species as basis, I can make it a Recolored Set. For the examples above, I can use the horse set as basis. A lot of things can be changed, like ears, tail, add wings, horns, hair, etc. Depending on how much work the outline changes are, the price may be a little bit more.

Q: Can I use my Recolored Set as Telegram stickers?
  Of course. If you order a Recolored Set, I can send you an extra file with the characters on transparent background so you can create your own Telegram sticker set of it. As it's additional work, this will be a little extra.

Q: I want a mood you don't have (e.g. gaming, tipsy, hung-over...)
  For Recolored Sets, I can create quite a lot of new moods using the existing outlines. I can make changes to the outlines, remove things (e.g. food, flower or mug), add things (like tools, book, game pad, toys, etc.). Text and also background color can be changed. I can also use badges twice, for example if you want the regular SWEET one, but also a TIPSY one, I can make the changes to the TIPSY one and use a different background color for it.

Q: Someone has a cool custom badge, can I have it too for my Set?
  Custom Mood Badges commissioned by other people are not available as Recolors, I am sorry. If you want it, you can either commission the same mood as a custom page (it will be new drawn for you), or - if it's a popular/general mood - there is a chance that I will make one as Standard Add-ons at some point. Then you can also order a Recolored version of it.

Q: Do you have any "secret" Mood Badges you didn't announce in public?
  No. All Mood Badges and Add-Ons I have available are listed on this website. If you have seen a different/new badge, it was probably a Custom page of somebody.

Q: Can you add clothes?
  To a certain limit, yes. As the characters are toony / feral, some clothing parts may look good (like a scarf, bandana or jacket), others probably won't really fit the style (like a full suit or shoes).

Q: I don't drink alcohol - can you change the Party Mood drink?
  The Standard Sets come as they are (you can't swap pages when buying them at a con). But for Recolored Sets - yes, I can change both the text and the drink (feel free to tell me which drink you'd like). Or if you don't want the Party Mood at all, you can also take one of the Add-Ons instead.

Q: Can I add more Recolored or Custom pages later?
  Yes, you can add further badges later. I just can't promise yet if I will be open for Recolors/Customs at that time.

Q: I am missing some of the Standard Sets you had earlier?
  To keep the growing number of Mood Badges (with all variations and Add-Ons) manageable, I decided to discard some of the unpopular Sets (or replace them by more popular colors). I am sorry if this causes any inconveniences for you if you have one of those retired Sets.

Q: Are the Mood Badges water proof?
  No. Even though the badges are laminated, water can damage the paper through the punched holes. Please avoid getting them wet or they will get damaged!

Q: I have lost my Set / My Set got damaged
  No worries, I never delete any art files. For a little fee covering material costs and shipping I can send you a replacement.

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