The Art of TaniDaReal


If you want a new / custom mood or Set that's not available as Recolored Set (like a new species), this would require a custom page. Custom pages are only available as commissions when I am open for them.

Custom Pages:
  • Custom pages are only available in combination with a Set (Standard or Recolored). Of course you can get a custom page later if you already bought Set before.

  • Available as single pages
  • Free choice of mood and text
  • Badge will be custom drawn for you

  • The custom page(s) will be laminated and punched, ready to use for your Set

Custom Page: $25-$35 (per page),
depending on complexity

Details and Examples

It's all your choice - you can name the moods and texts, the character pictures will be new drawn and colored for you according to your wishes. You will get a sketch preview before the coloring.

If you want to save money (or get it the badge faster), think about if the mood you want would maybe also be possible as a Recolored page.

More examples for Custom Pages can be found in my Mood Badge gallery on FA.

How to get a Custom Page

When I am open for commissions (and custom Mood Badge pages) I will announce it on my Mailing List, Twitter and my Telegram News Channel.

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