The Art of TaniDaReal


Please use common sense and be respectful with other people's artwork. Artist are working hard on their artwork, don't just take their credit. Pictures you find online (on Google or on other sites) are not automatically free for use (even if you don't see a signature on it).

Every artist gives different permissions for the use of his/her art. If one artist says it's ok to use it, that does not mean that you can just take anybody's pictures too.

Examples of what you shouldn't do

  • Use artwork / pictures that don't belong to you for any commercial use.

  • Use or alter artwork of other artists without their permission.

  • Copy / Trace other people's artwork without permission.

  • Upload artwork by others under your name and claim it would be yours.

  • Remove / Edit the copyright information or signatures.

  • Upload artwork that does not belong to you to galleries like MySpace, Photobucket, etc. (many galleries don't even allow uploading artwork that you don't have the rights for).

This is fine with me:

  • Using my art for personal things (desktops, screensavers, birthday card, etc.)

  • Using random characters as avatars, for roleplay, etc.
    "Random" = anonymous, unnamed characters I drew, that don't belong to me or other people; If you're unsure about a character, please just ask me.

  • Drawing my characters / fanart (please give credit that the character belongs to me).

  • Coloring sketches of random / anonymous characters I uploaded - for fun / non commercial use. If uploaded again, credit for the original sketch must be given. Sketches with copyrighted characters require permission first.

  • Using artwork of mine I offer "free for use" (coloring pages, free icons, etc.)

  • Printing out my pictures for personal (non commercial) use
    (if you want a proper quality print, please ask me about prints)

  • "Using my art as reference" - This is a difficult topic:

    I usually won't say anything if someone "traces" a picture of mine (except paid commissions, those are never allowed to be used) for practise purpose AND if proper credit is given for the original art. However, even though they say imitation is flattery, I very much discourage you from copying! If you really want to learn how to draw, I have written down some tips about drawing here. Also tracing shall not become a cheap way for getting free art.

  "Giving credit" means: "Original art by xxx" [name or link to website]

Please don't! What's NOT OK

  • Using my art for anything commercial (without agreement)

  • Using my personal characters (Tani, Savoy, Michonne, WeuUkoo Wolves etc.)
    for roleplay, not as avatar / user pictures, not as icons, etc.

  • Using copyrighted characters (that belong to other people) for anything, unless you have the owner's permission

  • Using paid commissions (I drew for others), unless you were the commissioner

  • Altering / Editing my pictures and signatures

  • Claiming my artwork or characters were yours (just changing a character's name or cropping off the original signature does NOT make it yours)

  • Please do not create fake accounts under my name. Some say imitation is flattery, but honestly I don't feel good about someone using my name and acting as me.

  • Copying / Tracing my artwork without giving proper credit

  • Copying my character designs (like just changing a little detail doesn't make it a new character creation)

  • Using my artwork in an inappropriate way (racist, political, sexual...)

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