The Art of TaniDaReal


Probably the question I hear most often. So let's answer this one first:

I sometimes take commissions, but quite rarely, as I am usually quite busy with projects and conventions. If I am open for commissions, I will announce it on my email Mailing List, as well as on my Telegram news channel. I sometimes also do sketches at conventions if time permits. So if you're interested in a commission from me, please read on...

More information about commissions:
  • If you want to be informed when I am open, please subscribe to my Mailing List - this is the best way to stay up to date (I may also cross post the announcements on channels like Twitter and my Telegram news channel)

  • I do not keep a waiting list

  • I don't have a fix price list, as the work varies a lot depending on the detail, character, subject, etc. I will announce the prices when opening for commissions.

  • I can't tell in advance when I will be open for commissions. It may be quite spontanuous, depending on my time and projects.

  • When I am open for commissions, I will announce what kind of commissions are available (sketch, badge, full color etc), the prices and also what way I will be taking the commission (first come first served, raffle, auction, YCH or selecting one myself)

  • If time allows, I will take sketch commissions at conventions and sometimes badge commissions before conventions. I'm sorry I don't do color commissions at conventions.

  • Recolored Mood Badges (not Custom pages) I can usually do any time, for more info please come here


I will draw most kind of anthropomorphic and animal art (including taurs).
However, I reserve the right to reject a commission request if I am not comfortable with it.

Examples for what I will not draw:

Humans, any kind of racism or illegal topics, extreme violence / fetishes, etc.
I also don't enjoy / am not good at drawing robots, engines, space stuff, cars, human-like fantasy creatures like fairies, gargoyles, etc. Please note that I also will not draw in "other artists' styles".


You may use the commission for any non-commercial purposes (websites, avatars, personal prints, etc.). You paid for it - it belongs to you.

One exception: unless agreed otherwise, (commercial) reproduction rights are not included in a commission! Commercial re-use (selling prints, using for print products you are selling) is only allowed with my permission.

I will only make prints of a commission if I have permission from the commissioner. I will not use your commission for any commercial purposes if I'm not permitted to do so.

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