The Art of TaniDaReal


I'm a female artist and media designer (print and digital media) living in Germany together with my husband and our cats Shuray and Dae (and Trisca forever in my heart). I pretty much have been drawing since I remember (and according to early artwork when I was a child, even before I remember). In my free time I love to draw (both with digital and traditional media) and work on all kind of creative projects like merchandise, print products or websites. My artistic name "TaniDaReal" has been my official pseudonym for many years.

I am pretty much all self-taught when it comes to art. Sometimes I wonder where I would be today if I had internet and the variety of tutorials and courses there are now, but the most important thing that kept me going was loving what I do.

While I enjoy drawing a large variety of anthropomorphic / animal art, my creative work isn't limited to paper or digital art. I love to try out new things and look for new challenges. In the past I also built animal costumes or making plush animals myself. I also enjoy working on sculptures once in a while.

We love to travel (for example going on road trips) and appreciate having friends all over the world. A lot of our time we dedicate to Eurofurence, the biggest European furry convention in Germany, where I am part of the Charity Team. Further hobbies of mine are aviation, cooking and enjoying good food and drinks.


The animal character that represents me as my alter ego is "TaniDaReal", the snow leopard wolf hybrid.

If you want to read more about my character and references, please come here. (artwork on the left was drawn by Nicole)

Personal quote:
"Die with memories - not with dreams"


I always had an extraordinary love for animals and grew up with pets (dogs, cats, fish). I couldn't imagine a life without animals, which is also why I mainly draw anthro/animal artwork.

There are certain species I always had a deeper connection to - wolves and snow leopards. While I am a big appreciator of most canines and felines, these two species have a special place in my heart. The wolf isn't only one of the most beautiful mystic animals, but has also been spiritually guiding me all my life.

"It is better to light a candle, than to curse the darkness."

All my cats have been rescued / adopted from shelters. Of course I support animal organizations / charities, like having a monthly sponsorship for several cats at Sieben Katzenleben e.V. (where we adopted our Dae from), or memberships at organizations supporting wild animals (snow leopards and wolves). 10% of my sales will be used for donations / supporting animals.

  "Sieben Katzenleben e.V. (Germany)

A German animal welfare helping cats in Spain, by rescueing them, supporting the foster homes, and finding new homes for the animals. We adopted our little Dae from them.

  "Wildtierhilfe Fiel" e.V. (Germany)

A non-profit animal charity run by the family Fussbahn. Their main goals are to take care of injured or orphaned wild animals and nurse them back to health, foster and release them back to the wild.

  Snow Leopard Trust (USA)

Founded in 1981, the Snow Leopard Trust is the world's leading authority on the study and protection of the endangered snow leopard.

  NABU Naturschutzbund (Germany)

More than 450,000 NABU members and sponsors are committed to nature. Preserving nature and securing the future. This is why NABU members and sponsors are working together to achieve this goal through a wide range of activities.

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